RUIS is the name of a concept that came into existence as a means to protect the artist from the ‘black hole’. A platform where people meet, engage in a dialogue and have discussions regarding their own art and the art of others.

The art of making art – the artist and his or her process. A landscape in which the artist and activism claims a place, movement is appreciated, and the visitor gets an insight in the mind of a creator. This translates into exhibitions and events in which contemporary tendencies are central and art, philosophy and science meet. In this atmosphere freedom is being experienced in which every minute a performance can arise. Welcome to RUIS.

RUIS strives for mutual involvement and cooperation, and consequently paying tribute to experimental contemporary art. Movement stands for process. Movement stands for activism. Movement stands for becoming aware of your environment. Movement is allowing people to partake in everything they can possibly partake in. movement is welcoming the enthusiast to unite. Movement is watching the artist work.

Together with artists, RUIS is searching for experimental, sensory and inquiring exhibitions in which the ambition and energy of the exhibiting artist can be experienced.